Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Bunday!

We've been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing around here, especially since the incoming wedding gifts (yay!).

I had recently organized a shelf in our living room, when I spotted a stowaway. Thought you might enjoy a quick game of "One of these does not belong"...

Just kidding- this precious girl gets to go and do whatever she wants! Little punk....

Happy Bunday!

Belated Happy Caturday!

Wow, our Saturday was busy!

Really wish I could have been doing this...

Or this...

Or definitely this:

As it was, I ended up sleeping all day Sunday/Bunday. :)

Hope you had a productively busy Caturday, too!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Fotos

Friday Fotos on Friday! (And just in the nick of time! Okay, I at least started before midnight...) Sound the alarm!

Alright- you know the drill. Here are my faves from this week (and you can go here to find yours):

Power in numbers
(And how is the photographer getting that shot?!)

Gross, but watching kids discover things is always inspiring :)

Wow- cool work, cramped workspace

Haha- funny perspective, cute pic

Something about this picture that I really love
Maybe it's that they are facing death every day, yet still have the same human reaction to dust in the eyes?

'Til next time!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Bunday!

Oh, man, it's been a day. A terrible, terrible day. So let's look at a cute bun! :)

Yep, that's cute. Damn cute.

Yep, you can have whatever you want.

Hehehehe. Accordion bunny!

Ahhhhh, that helped.

Hoped you had a better Bunday! :)

Belated Happy Caturday!

Instead of the usual cast of characters (our furkids...and they are characters!), I'd like to introduce you to our houseguests/feral-kittens-in-taming-slash-up-for-adoption: Chai and Salty.

Oooo, not a happy Chai! This was right after being neutered, so I'm thinking that expression is understandable!

The sweet Salty (harhar)

(You can see more of our first pics of them here)

Double trouble
(Gosh, they're getting big!)

That Chai's a looker! Love his coat and markings.

Don't let that sleepy look fool you! They have climbed all of my sweaters and thrown them (and my shoes) on the floor. Naughty! Yet normal, for kittens. ;)

They are definitely getting used to their plush lifestyle- they start crying in the morning for their hand-delivered wet food ;)

Relaxing, finally. So happy these boys will have good lives.

Do let me know if you'd like to give them a home! You can't beat the love of human-raised cats!

Hope you had a Happy Caturday!

Belated Friday Fotos

Well hello! As usual, life got a little busy and stressful (good and bad), but I'm back! And hope to update you with all of the happenings shortly!

So let's get to it- here are my faves from this past week (and you can go here to find yours):

Oh, construction...
RightHand and I helped out at a Habitat for Humanity house recently, and I feel asleep on our living room carpet when we got home. Can't imagine the tasks ahead of these folks... :(

Gorgeous scene of a grim situation

Pretty much says it all.
The pond should definitely be bigger than his hat! ;)

'Til next time...