Thursday, November 26, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Belated Happy Caturday!

My two little loves, Gatsby and Latte, are oft neglected on the blog, what with the exciting new kitten and the always ridiculous bunny. So, here are some of my favorites of the latest pics of Latte:

Have you no modesty?!

Wide-eyed at the swinging camera cord

Chillin' on the porch with brother

Sunning in the deck chair

So tired she can't hold her own head up...

Modeling their cute new cat bed

Hiding from Daisy on a chair

Enjoying the view

Sleeping on mommy's comfy robe

She's got a good life. :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Engagement Getaway, Part 2

So we hit the town on our first night...

And it was offensive

Resting while trying to find something decent to eat

Hottie alert!

Most-photographed building in Helen. Perhaps not well photographed, but photographed.
Image credit: RightHand (teehee)

Inside that building

I loved this sign. It says, "On This Site in 1897 Nothing Happened."

All you need in life, really

A failed photo taken by another couple- darn!

An attempt at a night river shot while we were waiting for the second of three restuarants

The ghost couple returns!

A dark picture saved by Picasa!

This could be my favorite photo of the trip!

Oh yes, we ended up in a Mexican restaurant in a (faux) German town!
And no, this was before my margharita!

A courtyard RightHand liked

Apparently this is what I look like eating at a Mexican restaurant from the outside looking in...

RightHand and Rumpelstiltskin

Me and some nutcrackers (holding back joke...)

View during our magical carriage ride!

RightHand even liked it

I was so excited!

Making friends with our trusty steed, Duke (Check out those personalized blinders!)

Horse muzzle sniffin'!

I may or may not have loved horses since age 3...

I felt like Cinderella :)

And we made it safely and soundly back to the cozy inn :)

Engagement Getaway, Part 1

Well of course it started with me finding an animal! :) (I love how he is loving on the sidewalk and it looks like I am cranking his tail :)

The incredible place we stayed: Lucille's Mountain Top Inn

Walkway from the spa to the gazebo

Me and the star of the show! :)

The breathtaking view. And what a gorgeous day we arrived on!

Seriously breathtaking

The backyard

An artsy shot of the spa

The very happy couple

Up in the Crow's Nest- what a cool room!

More Crow's Nest action

A tour of the Crow's Nest with RightHand
(And he calls me his future wife! OMG!!!!)

Modeling our fancy bed

A lovely tour of the inn by RightHand

RightHand went out by himself and took some more photos.
He was definitely obsessed with the landscape.

Pretty twilight

Sweet tree

The back of the inn

The gazebo

Looking toward the spa

The front of the spa

The driveway, I guess...

Beautiful mountain scene. It was so magical up there

He returned to find me unconscious in my spa robe.
I love this picture because it takes me back to those moments. RightHand went out to take photos, and I laid in the bed drowsily, reflecting on the engagement and enjoying the moment.
(Also, RightHand actually put pictures of our cats around the room- you can see them on the bedside table!!)

Ready for a night out in Helen!

Posin' at the front door

Hottie alert! :)

The happy ghostly couple