Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Non-Thinking Cap

I know, I know- enough with the cats! But please pity me, for this is what I live with (cool move at 1:12, though):


So, most things considered, things with the kittens have gone rather swimmingly. Except for the near deaths. Yeahhhh, those were no good...

So, I promised I'd explained the runty's shaved neck:

(omg he's sooo cute)

Well, the kittens were very messy bottle drinkers, and they had matted fur all over their chests. Already having traumatized them with baths twice, I decided to trim the matted fur off one night. Well, I went at it with a big honkin' pair of normal scissors, and the first kitten went well, but then...then...I accidentally cut the chest of the little runt. It didn't bleed, and he didn't even make a sound, but I realized I was holding a little more than just hair in my hand. I looked. I winced. I grimaced. I could actually see a vein in his neck, and I started freaking out! It was like it was behind tissue paper; it was opaque and not bleeding, but I didn't know what to do. I called my sister's fiance, a vet, but he was so sleepy that he wasn't making any sense. My sister grabbed the phone and said, "I'm trying to wake him up, but you need to get that cat to a vet!"

So, around midnight, we headed to the emergency vet. Luckily, the little guy only needed one stitch, and we were home by 1 a.m and $180 poorer. Ouch.

He has recovered just fine, but I feel like an idiot! Can't believe I harmed the kitten and cost myself so much money for just a cosmetic reason! And I feel like I need to adopt him out of guilt!! But NO DON'T ENCOURAGE ME!!!

The second little mishap occurred at RightHand's apartment. The kittens discovered a tattered towel that was a blast to play with, and we left them to themselves in RightHand's room. Well, we checked on them a while later, only to find the creamy runt caught with the towel threads around his neck, his little feet nearly off the ground. He nearly hanged himself!

I really bet these kittens wish I had just left them in the woods!

The final (HAHA) mishap occurred a few weeks ago, when I put their bottles and dishes in the dishwasher and then thought it was odd that I smelled a candle burning. Candle indeed:

Buh-bye, bottle...

I am happy to report that everyone continues to be happy and healthy. And up for adoption:

Tarzan (aka Big Blackie):

Princess (aka Fluffy):

Butterfly (aka Creamy Runty):

Peanut (aka Runtelstiltskin):

Monday, September 28, 2009

Flower Power

So, this blog may make it seem like my life is all animals, all the time. And who am I kidding? It is. But, occasionally I develop outside interests. It's healthier this way. :)

Anyway, lately I dove head first into the organic and local/slow food movement and I'm lovin' it! There is an awesome market here (I cannot sing its praises enough!) that takes online orders from Sunday to Tuesday and then has pick-ups on Thursday. Check it out if you live in the area: Athens Locally Grown. It is right on my way home from school and I have gotten the most delicious milk, sweet potatoes, beans, smoothies, on and on! And, of course, many exotic greens for the bun. Fyi, she does not like Malabar spinach, thankyouverymuch.

A few weeks ago, I order a nice little bouquet to enjoy while RightHand visited over the weekend. And it was just beautiful:

Loved the tin can it was in

The flowers grew at a neat angle

Such vibrant color

This is basically my favorite color

Such an awesome, unexpected flower color

Later that weekend, RightHand and I drove a little North of Athens to go help rehabilitate some abused dogs that a law school professor has rescued. He has a pack of 14 now, I believe, about half are his own (well, I guess they're all his now!) and half are from the abusive situation.

I've been to their place many times now, and it is an awesome heart-warming experience that, surprisingly, I don't have any pictures of! Guess we're too busy with the dogs!Anyway, i have gotten to know him and his wife pretty well now, and they are genuinely nice people with a great piece of property. Before we left, they gave us this lovely magnolia to enjoy at home:

Such a lovely shape

So pure white and pretty, we enjoyed it thoroughly!

Here's hoping your days are flower-filled!

Cute Overload, Indeed

Well, I think the kittens heard my call. Check out these sweet "Best Buds" shots I got of Runty and Fluffy:

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Cute Overload

Just when you think you've seen the cutest things possible (on my blog, natch), this appears:

Kittens, work harder! We must top that!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Bunday!

The other day, I came home to find a surprisingly large package on my porch:

I quickly realized that it was some of my early ordered Christmas gifts- go me! Now if only I could be on top of things in school...

So, I put it in the corner of my living room, and when Miss Daisy was hopping around later that evening during her play time, I noticed she hopped on top of the box a few times, but thought nothing much of it. But later, I found this...

My bad, I forgot the "Do not open until Dec. 25th" label...

Sheesh, bun!

Truth be told, Daisy has been a little stressed out lately, and she probably just needed to chew out her anxiety. Why is the lovely bunny stressed, you ask? Well, she has to put up with this:

And this:

Oh yes, the kittens think Daisy's house is a great ladder and jungle gym. See more of the harrowing action here:

And finally, this post has contained nearly no actual pictures of the lady of the hour, so here you are, your moment(s) of zen:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Caturday!

Another long overdue introduction, this time of Almond, my foster kitty, who has been putting up with annoying kittens and an aggressive bunny. She was so very skittish at first but has turned into such a lover, and we spoon and cuddle before bed. :) I'm also happy to report that it looks like my dad will be adopting her! Almond is excited to go to her new home soon!

First day- a little scary, so we hide in the bathtub, of course!


Love her dark points

She loves the scratching post tower

Sweet girl

Loves to sit on the counter, and I let her- things are gonna change at her new home!

Found her chillin' in a box


Meeting the Gat and the Lat!

Slightly Belated Friday Fotos

I am getting worse and worse at narrowing down my favorites. Here's what caught my eye this week. What catches yours?

Love the perspective in this photo and the farmer's faraway gaze...

It's really the color of this one that grabbed me. Gorgeous.

Not an overly spectacular photo, but a natural sentimental pick. The pictures around GA have been crazy. So happy Athens didn't experience any flooding.

I love the perspective of this photo, mainly because I like envisioning the photographer kneeling down to goat level. :) The goat in the lower right looks like he has his own happy secret. Love it.

Obviously a beautiful old palace and yet another fasdcinating scene that provides so much commentary on Afghanistan...a favorite sport, life goes on, an old dictatorship, beautiful art...

It's really all about perspective this week, and this photo rocks it

I love how this one harkens back to the first one I chose. I also love that the photographer obviously kept and chose this photo. Many might say the flying seeds messed up the picture, but it's truly what makes it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Security System

Perhaps there should be an addendum, though, such as "But for me, the people are. You like your odds?"

I may be pretty "liberal" about many things, but gun ownership is not one of them. Then again, it's a right I think the ACLU could and should actually stand up for. Oh well, not in the mood for politics right now. Just thought the sign was an interesting deterrent.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Too Much

It's really not fair, that one woman would get all of this cuteness to herself. So I'll share:

Sleeping in a pile, as usual

A close-up
(From front to back that's Fluffy, Big Blackie, Little Creamy, and Runty- hey, I'm trying not to get too attached!)

The two big ones, best buds

Runty all alone :(

Meeting my foster cat, Almond (More on her later!)

Probably my favorite picture of the troops

Caught by Fluffy!

Exploring the apartment- big world, so small!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Belated Happy Bunday!

A very, VERY long overdue introduction of my new bunny, Daisy.

She was originally saved by a college theatre major who was in a play that called for a live bunny:

The girl planned on only fostering Daisy (then named Posy), and then I came along on Petfinder. The rest, of course, is history, and a forever home for Miss Daisy. :)

She is such an awesome bun: litterbox trained, out of her pen when I'm home and follows me around (so cute to have a bunny hopping along behind you!), loves treats and earscratches, etc. We shared an apple on the couch together just the other night! I never knew rabbits could be so rewarding!

Video of when she first came to stay with us... (We're at RightHand's apartment and the people from whom we adopted her are there, too):

And another quick video of her hopping:

When we first got her, Latte wouldn't leave her side

And sometimes they still hang out

Hopping into the kitty bed we thought she might like

And she did like it- for about an hour, then never again, of course

Enjoying a carrot!

Yum yum

And the end of the carrot

And some awesome video footage of said carrot and Daisy's adorable circle-chewing:

Don't be fooled; she is a very mischeivious bunny (more on that later...) and the other day she had hopped on my bookshelf and was eyeing some delicious cords:

When she gets relaxed, her little legs fly out from underneath her as she settles in:

So cute

Really cute!


Another cute incident :)

A closer look

Her nice clean playpen

Enjoying her habitat

And this is what it looks like in the morning after she has done some pouting/re-arranging

Trying to escape ;)

She had a funny saddle-like line as her coat shed out

Oh those ears!

Checking things out

Helping mommy spy on the neighbors

And that's Daisy! :)