Friday, December 31, 2010

Pity Party

I was sick on my birthday, and now all through the holidays. Sick sick. Finally got antibiotics and maybe I will feel like doing something other than sleeping and blowing my nose soon.

Failed the Bar.

Still no job.

Credit card debt.

Good riddance, 2010!!

2011- you will be mine!! :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

From My Heart

3 posts in one day? I'm gonna break the Interwebs!!

But I just had to share this video, which contains I message that I feel not only during the holiday season, but every day, and so strongly:

Friday Fotos

Just in the nick of time! Here are my favorite photos, as selected from the "Year in Pictures" wrap up. Go here to see them all and choose your favorites!

Wow- crazy to see such a sinkhole in an urban setting

Ugh- this picture just makes me sick

Oh, this one makes me sicker :(


Profound- you can feel that man's burden and fatigue

Wow- the ash probably ruined all sorts of things, but it looks quite beautiful

What a mess!!

An interesting shot of the war

Oh, Haiti... will you ever be healthy?

I can't believe this photo. The woman with her backside/underwear showing...sigh. No dignity. What a way to go.

Wow... so many rough images. Let's make 2011 a happier year!

I'm Alive!

Sister and Brother-In-Law are in town- let the holiday season finally begin!

I am alive... just re-studying for the Bar, planning our wedding, rescuing animals, nannying, pet-sitting, boot camping, etc. You know, life. Which leaves time for nothing else. ;)

I wanted to take a quick moment to say Happy Holidays to all of you. And with my increased time at the computer due to the Bar, I'm hoping some more posts will be on the way.

Oh, Aretha (Awreatha- har har) wanted to say something, too:

And I'll leave you with this. In the season of ridiculous graphic-laden "Merry Christmas" e-mails, here is the best Christmas light display video, in my humble opinion:

Celebrate well!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Not So Good Friday

Pop Quiz!

What do this handsome fellow and I have in common?

Ridiculously good-looking?

Obviously. And thanks for noticing. ;)

Pilot's licenses?

Yes! (It has turned out a little better for one of us... :-/ )

Failed the Bar Exam on the first try?

Sad, but true.

I FAILED, people. Or, as RightHand insists I say, I didn't pass.


For so many reasons, including but not limited to:

1. The embarrassment and humiliation!! For all their talk of confidentiality, the Georgia Bar Examiners post a PUBLIC LIST of who passed. I would have told anyone and everyone, as I have, but still. STILL. In case you're curious, here are all the people who are better than me.

2. I feel like I let down my family, especially RightHand and the furkids. Unemployment does not help finances and family stress. I want to contribute so badly. And my mom paid for my hotel room for the two testing nights, RightHand acquiesced to my perpetually bad mood over the summer...and on and on...

3. It made me question even being a lawyer. Was this a sign that I should give up the law gig and open a doggie daycare? (I'm serious, here!) After a family chat, we decided I'd stick with it. Which leads me to...

4. I have to take it again!! Mother of Pearl I hated those 2 days! Packing my stuff in plastic baggies, the freezing temperature of the exam room, the stress, the fatigue... OY!

5. I will be studying again while trying to plan my wedding!!! Apparently I welcome stress and panic with open arms...!

6. I won't even find out my results until after my wedding! (I suppose this has its pros and cons, though...)

7. This did not exactly help my employment situation. Enough said.

So yes, it sucks. BUT. BUT!!! In so many ways, this has been a positive life experience. Because:

1. People have come out of every part and facet of my life to support me and love me. My dad said "We're disappointed for you, not in you." My future mother-in-law told me, "We love you, not the test you took." And a mere acquaintance sent me some of the best genuine support I could have imagined. Passage or failure, I was at a point when I really need to hear all of this, and there it was.

2. Lesson learned! I didn't study enough. I didn't. Seriously. I did as much as I could at the time, but it was not enough, and it was not my best. You get out what you put in, and I learned that lesson nice and hard this time.

3. Along those lines, I haven't failed much in life. I'm not trying to brag, etc., it's just true. I have had a great upbringing, excellent schools, etc. The Universe decided that I really needed to taste failure, and I've gotta trust that. I have a legit story of huge disappointment to tell my kids. Hey, you need that, you know.

4. I can take it again. No matter how much I don't want to, thank God I can!

5. I will pass on my second try. Hopefully. But truly- it's a second chance! Time to do my best work now. Cozy indoor-studying beats longing for the pool any day. :)

So, sorry, Junior, but that's where the similarities end. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Good Life

When he's not watching football with the guys (of the feline variety)...

Go Dallas!

Go Texas!

RightHand is "Mad Men"ing himself:

Oh yes he is

Highly accurate, especially the hot blonde on the couch ;)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Bunday!

Someone thinks she can sit on the dining table...

And someone thinks our sheets are a good snack...

And someone thinks her cuteness can excuse all of this (it can):

So maybe it's not such a "Happy" Bunday! ;)

'Til next week!

Pet-Sitting, Part 2: The Neighbors

What is that I spy??


Ponies Three

So cuuuute! (I really couldn't stop saying that)

I think I posted about this little guy before, but yes, s/he is my soul mate

The fro/mullet on this baby is incredible!

Pasture pal

Another pasture pal

No matter how much I know better to ask, or to stay safe, I can't avoid reaching out to other people's pets!

Luckily these were sweet ponies

I kissed a pony and I liked it!

Holy crap- this one is plump and cute, too!

Very much!

Chillin'- nice pasture for them- yay

Really can't have too many pics of Blonde Pony

Goodbye my sweet friend!

Pet-Sitting, Part 1: The Lay of the Land

During this lovely period of unemployment, I have been pet-sitting and nannying to supplement my, well, nonexistent income.

And I've loved it. Great animals, great kids, great clients. I've been so lucky.

I've also maintained one client in a small town near Athens, GA. They have a peaceful house in the country, filled with four cats and some pea fowl out back. Here are my pictures from this past spring, but I am currently here for a week, and loving it in the fall, too.

The cast of characters:

Tito loved using the fridge to cool off

Such a cutie

Tito is such a ham- and chatty!!
Apparently he sings along when his owner plays the guitar!

Sweet Toby

Squirrel on a throne of pillows
(As it should be, since she's the only girl!)

A closer look

Squirrel lookin' guilty

Stumpy (He has a stumpy tail :)

The cats eat raw food- aka gross- aka I earn my pay! :)

The pea fowl in their pen

They are really cool lookin'


Still a little skittish around humans

More plumpage

There are four of them, apparently with differences, but I can't tell them apart yet

In their coop

Workin' hard. I always feel like a "farmer for a day" when I'm here ;)
(RightHand took this picture. Normally, I'm alone here. Alone, except for my 9 mm Glock- you get me?)

Looking from the bird pen back toward the house. The woods are great here.

Side of the house you arrive it- tons of windows- love it

The front/side porch

The front of the house- gorgeous!

The nearby pond
(A gorgeous pic taken by RightHand)

And the lovely living room I get to relax in at the end of the day