Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas

Christmas may be over for many of you, but RightHand and I are just getting started, as we have celebrated with his family and my dad (and stepmom, et al.) but have yet to do our big Christmas with my mom and sister (Friday!).

This is all to lamely justify why I am belated in sharing this sweet video with you and wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Caturday-Bunday Combo

Royal just can't take it when Daisy is getting attention from Mama:
Bunny kisses and kitty rides

Bunny hugs and kitty's watching eyes...

Ultimate Friday Fotos

Turns out they were holding out on us in order to assemble The Year in Pictures. Enjoy and let me know your favorites!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Bunday!

Well, Daisy has been a trooper these last few days. She has "enjoyed" a bit more cage time, as RightHand's apartment is not completely bunny-proof and we've already lost an electronic or two... (Hopefully a trip to Home Depot tomorrow will remedy the state of things!).

With the increased cage time has come increased harassment from the cats, but Daisy has proven to be a fabulous and generous sharer:

Here's Royal, climbin' on in

The three of them share a nice hay lunch

What a sweet friendship

Nom nom nom!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Caturday!

We are enjoying the holiday season with our furry friends. To start, we had our first fire last night, and it scared Gatsby, had no effect on Royal, and intrigued Latte:

Checking out her new fleece blanket from PetSmart

Fire, what fire?

Ah ha! I am the King of the Jungle (And Fire)!

And then a Christmas miracle occurred! For the first time ever, all three of them piled into the cat bed together. It made my heart sing:

Royal looks as stunned as I was

And now, I am only sharing this with you because I love you, dear readers, so consider yourself cursed lucky. Here it is: The Hicks/Bush Family Annual Christmas Photo:

Not pictured: Wayward bunny

Hope you are enjoying the season!

Friday Fotos

I don't know what happened, but they still haven't posted the photos from this week! Guess it got lost in the holiday rush??

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Healthy Optimism

I am nothing if not a Southern optimist. :)

And there ARE some flakes...

...they're just hanging from my track lighting.

Added more flakes on the right side of the window.

Oh, a girl can dream!

Spoke Too Soon

I've been wondering why the bunny has been spending so much time in my closet. I should've known, I should've known....

Luckily these are kind of old shoes, and I've only one them about once in the past 7 years. But still! They were perfect for that one occasion!

Oh, Daisy, you are making yourself harder and harder to defend...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Belated Bunday!

Well, at least my traditional Sunday post isn't as late as the others. :-p

So, what's new in Daisy's world? Thankfully, not too much. And only a little destruction. :)

In good news, she is the spoiled recipient of a new gift from her Grandma:

A personalized laminated nameplate for her pen door

Oooo, fancy bunny!

In worse news, we've had a bit of destruction occur. Granted, nothing has truly been destroyed since my post documenting all of her destruction, especially since we are FINALLY and completely bunny-proofed thanks to my new soulmate and giver-of-peace-of-mind, Crittercord.

But, as I was saying, here's the book I'm currently reading*:

No, it did not come with all of those bunny chew marks and gaping holes...

That's all for this week- promising cute pics next week! (Mainly because we'll be on holiday with Daddy, the doting photographer) :)

*Yes, I am reading a book called "This is Chick Lit". A few notes:
1. I am a law student and need fluffy reading before bedtime :)
2. The whole purpose of the title/anthology is in response to a NYT article mocking the genre "chick lit" so, dammit, I shouldn't have to defend myself to you!
3. I received the book from Vanessa, in return for the promise of passing it along to another blogger once I am done reading it. Crap, what am I going to do now? Well, probably wipe off the bunny slobber and offer it up! :) Stay tuned.

Belated Caturday!

This (belated) Caturday, I'd like to share with you what our newest addition, Royal, has been up to (Hint: My first gray hairs have appeared since we adopted him):

First, he helped me study. Grrr.
It was precious the first hundred times, but, eventually, removing him from my laptop got old. He finally settled into my arms, lap, or the chair I set right next to mine.

His separation anxiety has also lead him to want to perch on my shoulder and never get down. TMI: I have peed while balancing a cat on my shoulder.

My best buddy (Okay, I admit it: I love his attachment to me. Except when I don't. :)

Alright, so he has also been extremely precious, making a bed or toy out of anything. Here he hangs himself to sleep on my computer bag.

Ready to go to the grocery store!

All that shopping was exhausting

Using the chair while the bun is not :)

Ready to recycle some more, Mom!

My handsome boy

Btw, do you see the cat in this picture?

How about this one?
Oh yes, he has taken to climbing my sliding screen doors. Well, he had. Now he is only allowed supervised outside time.

Also, totally unrelated, of course, but...any tips on getting a security deposit back? ;)

Friday Fotos

We'll just glide over the fact that I'm late in posting this (And that I'm ALWAYS late in posting these! New Year's resolution alert!) and get right to it. (And don't forget to check out all the photos here):

Ahhhh! Run, Daisy, run!!! The thought of the bunny not making it ::gulp:: saddens me, but perhaps it did. And anyway, what an incredible shot of nature.

Don't you get chills just looking at this picture? Also, I hope they went inside shortly after this was taken- sheesh!

Yet another reminder that everything we make, use, and throw away has to, and does, go somewhere. Please recycle!

So mangled, so painful. I am feeling lucky and blessed right about now.

I can't even imagine what that dried fish smells like. And don't want to.

Perfectly captured

Sunday, December 6, 2009

(Happy) Bunday!

Ugh- nearly midnight and my second of four law school exams is tomorrow. So... let's look at cute pictures of my bun!

Her new favorite spot, the stately armchair- cracks me up

Chillin' in her pen at RightHand's over T-giving break

So relaxed when the ears are scratched...

Yes! Go with those natural instincts to do the laundry!

All tucked up for her afternoon nap

Charming Mommy into letting her out for some hoppin' time

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Caturday!

Two weeks ago, I promised that it would next be Gatsby's turn to shine. Here we go:

Comfy buddy

Oh my Lord that sweet face!

Hangin' with sister

And to whom do those beautiful stripes belong?

It's Gatty!

Exposed by Daddy!

He should be admiring his handsomeness in the mirror!

Sleepy Sweeties

Yes, Latte, you have to share!

Hiding from Daisy!

Scaredy cats!

Mom, she's hogging the toy!


Livin' the life!

Clearly has accepted Sister...

Now that's some synchronized napping!

Gosh I love this big boy :)