Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Good Life

When he's not watching football with the guys (of the feline variety)...

Go Dallas!

Go Texas!

RightHand is "Mad Men"ing himself:

Oh yes he is

Highly accurate, especially the hot blonde on the couch ;)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Bunday!

Someone thinks she can sit on the dining table...

And someone thinks our sheets are a good snack...

And someone thinks her cuteness can excuse all of this (it can):

So maybe it's not such a "Happy" Bunday! ;)

'Til next week!

Pet-Sitting, Part 2: The Neighbors

What is that I spy??


Ponies Three

So cuuuute! (I really couldn't stop saying that)

I think I posted about this little guy before, but yes, s/he is my soul mate

The fro/mullet on this baby is incredible!

Pasture pal

Another pasture pal

No matter how much I know better to ask, or to stay safe, I can't avoid reaching out to other people's pets!

Luckily these were sweet ponies

I kissed a pony and I liked it!

Holy crap- this one is plump and cute, too!

Very much!

Chillin'- nice pasture for them- yay

Really can't have too many pics of Blonde Pony

Goodbye my sweet friend!

Pet-Sitting, Part 1: The Lay of the Land

During this lovely period of unemployment, I have been pet-sitting and nannying to supplement my, well, nonexistent income.

And I've loved it. Great animals, great kids, great clients. I've been so lucky.

I've also maintained one client in a small town near Athens, GA. They have a peaceful house in the country, filled with four cats and some pea fowl out back. Here are my pictures from this past spring, but I am currently here for a week, and loving it in the fall, too.

The cast of characters:

Tito loved using the fridge to cool off

Such a cutie

Tito is such a ham- and chatty!!
Apparently he sings along when his owner plays the guitar!

Sweet Toby

Squirrel on a throne of pillows
(As it should be, since she's the only girl!)

A closer look

Squirrel lookin' guilty

Stumpy (He has a stumpy tail :)

The cats eat raw food- aka gross- aka I earn my pay! :)

The pea fowl in their pen

They are really cool lookin'


Still a little skittish around humans

More plumpage

There are four of them, apparently with differences, but I can't tell them apart yet

In their coop

Workin' hard. I always feel like a "farmer for a day" when I'm here ;)
(RightHand took this picture. Normally, I'm alone here. Alone, except for my 9 mm Glock- you get me?)

Looking from the bird pen back toward the house. The woods are great here.

Side of the house you arrive it- tons of windows- love it

The front/side porch

The front of the house- gorgeous!

The nearby pond
(A gorgeous pic taken by RightHand)

And the lovely living room I get to relax in at the end of the day

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Caturday!

It has been a cozy time for our feline friends. They are obsessed with a micro-fleece blanket we bought last year, and I'm sure I'll let them have it because I'm a pushover they'll hog it all winter.

Enjoying themselves

Makin' blanket bicuits

Mmmmm....dreamin' of them biscuits

Hope your Caturday was cozy, too! 'Til next week!