Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Very Happy Bunday!

This Bunday, we are pleased to announce the newest member of our farmily: Brian!

The bonding process between bunnies is fascinating and complex (you can read about it here), and I'll post more about it soon, but so far, so good:

Hope you're having a Bunday full of bonding, too!

Super-Belated Caturday: Father's Day Edition

There is no excuse for not recognizing the father of my furkids on the proper day, but this way he has his OWN holiday, so I figure it works out.

RightHand just became dad to yet another furkids, but more on that soon!

For now, I wanted to take a moment to recognize his crazy close bond with Gatsby. Yes, I'm jealous. :)

They've both come from traumatic, life-threatening events, and their bond is truly a living example of destiny...

They read together...

Well, read and nap...

They write together...

Sleep together...

Watch TV together...

They lounge together...

Yeah, baby!! ;)

They e-mail together...

And yes, RightHand even sits on a dining room chair so that Gatsby can have the couch...


We love you, RightHand!

Belated Friday Fotos

Belated, as usual, and I skipped last week altogether! Oh, these silly 10-hour days! :-(

Here are my faves from this week (go here to pick yours):

The kiss seen 'round the world
(omg- that was my comment before I noticed the title!)
(Those riots were absolutely ridiculous- what's wrong with people?!)

Wow- yoga in Times Square!
(I bet the people stuck in the resulting traffic weren't as calm...)

So different from my privileged life, so not okay

I've seen so many pictures of this beautiful tradition- need to find out more about it.
(Is it weird that I am also always concerned about whether the lanterns are biodegradable? Guess they are... Will research.)

A picture practically right out of the 1950s!
Reminds me of some local Minnesota car shows- Love it!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Bunday!

Well, you knew that Miss Daisy had to get in on the bag action, too!

Hi, Brother!

Paper shopping bags- yum!

Hope you had a playful Bunday! 'Til next time...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Caturday!

With so many gifts...

We lived in a bit of chaos...

Woohoo! Thanks everybody! :)

Came some gift bags that were perfect for the furkids to play in...

Well, one child in particular like the bag... (Royal)
Latte's thought bubble: What an idiot

Gatsby's thought bubble: I know that black cat's around here somewhere...

Shhhh... don't tell!

Eventually Gatsby caught on...

And enjoyed the bag, too :)

Hope you're having a fun Caturday!

By the Way...


Click here for our full photographer preview (Warning: The pics are amazing :))



And got sworn in the following Friday...

Me and The Hubs

Me and my proud mama

Signing the forms with a ridiculously large pen!

Reciting the oath

State Seal of Georgia

Me and Judge Stoddard

It's Official!

Breakfast Afterwards

And again

I've been put on 10-hour work weeks, have to work this weekend, started a Couch to 5K running program (exhausting with everything else going on, but highly recommended!), and have been whining a lot, I know. But my husband (husband!!) knows how to handle me with grace, and after every negative sentence, I am sure to say, and always think, I am so, so grateful for my wonderful life.

Belated Friday Fotos!

Well, you can tell things are back to normal, as I am late posting the photos (go to see them all), as always. :)

Never knew lightning came with volcanoes until all of these high-profile eruptions

Can't imagine such a landscape and it not being snow...eerie...

Could this look anymore refreshing? Woohoo!!

These were really my only favorites from this week- the others are a lot of human-on-human violence and butchered animals. Lovely! (Though I pick favorites based on photographic technique, not subject, truly)

Hope you have a more pleasant weekend! Feels good to be back! :)