Thursday, November 13, 2008


Oh. My. God. The horror of it all!

I was watching some tv the other night....Well, more accurately, I was watching episodes of LOST on DVD as I am helplessly addicted and also catching up before the next season starts. And I don't have cable this year. Law student loans. Enough said.
Annnnnyway, I was wearing my glasses so that the characters would have faces and the trees would have a leaves and all of that. Then, I made the mistake of going into my kitchen to get some ice cream. Oh no, the ice cream was not the mistake. Now that's always a good idea. And so are the sprinkles. The mistake was having perfect vision and looking down at my kitchen floor.

I let out an audible shriek!

Dirty. That's a capital D.

I'm kind of a clean freak and have often spent Friday nights vacuuming. But these days, with the semester winding up, new cats to be played with, and a boyfriend to be visited, my apartment has, well, suffered. I haven't cleaned my apartment since October 3rd, when I scrubbed it from top to bottom to host my lovely 80s party. Cue the awesome music and check out the outfit:

But I digress. Conclusion? The apartment will be cleaned sometime soon. Very soon. Or I just won't wear my glasses.

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Mags said...

Ha!! This cracks me up because I usually keep only one light on in my living room-it's not very bright b/c I live alone so I can keep it the way I want, right? Right.

The other day I turned on the "big" light and almost fainted! I couldn't believe how bad I needed to vacuum!!

So yeah...I'm right there with ya! :)