Friday, July 17, 2009

Across the Universe

Every weekday morning I check my e-mail to find a heartfelt message from RightHand The Universe. That's right, The Universe. We're like this:

Except less gooey.

Annnnywhogettingtothepoint, I got an e-mail from The Universe the other morning that I particularly liked, and I thought I'd share:

What if, Reagan, all that you had to look forward to were the things that are free, like sunrises, wagging tails, holding hands, and your imagination. Would it all be worth it?


What if you could trade-in some of your free stuff for fabulous wealth, fulfilling work, gorgeous looks, or anything else that your heart desired? Would it all be worth it?

Does a bear sleep in the woods? Is the Pope Catholic? Would you like syrup with your French Toast?

Visualize, Reagan. Before the price goes up.

The Universe

Isn't The Universe the best penpal ever?? Its e-mails always ground and focus me for the day ahead. Love it.

If you'd like to get e-mails from The Universe, too, let me know at curvygirly8 at gmail dot com. If you do receive them though, we'll have to keep the individualist myth alive. That is, perhaps The Universe is a wee bit busy and perhaps it writes similar e-mails to all its penpals? I'm in denial. No, just not in the know. And often, I like it that way.

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