Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mommy, Can I Get a _____?

If you ever talk to RightHand for more than 5 minutes, you will likely learn that he loves pugs. (I thought this was a first date thing, the immediate and thorough personal bio, but apparently not :) Talking to me a year ago, after, well, many years or something, you would learn that I did not generally like pugs. Some breeds appeal to you and some don't, you know?

Over the year/months of dating, it has become clear that Little RightHand needs a pug. Really. His parents actually bought him a pug when he was little, but gave it away a day later because it snorted too much! :( His inner child needs to heal, you know.

Thus, I've been noticing pugs more and more lately, and they have definitely been growing on me. And just a few days ago, the heavens aligned, the angels sang, and I was on Petfinder.com. :) And I spied Odie:
And he was everything both of us wanted in a pug. For me, he was less hyper than most pugs and was thinner and lankier. For RightHand, he was a pug. :)

Well, after a day or two of looking elsewhere and hemming and hawing, I finally put in an adoption application, which is required before you can even meet him. And but a few hours later, the shelter wrote back and said they had literally delayed their e-mail to me just a few hours because they were waiting to see if a potential adopter was going to pick Odie. And they did.

I had only seen this pug online! We aren't even fully committed to adopting right now! And yet, I was so damn disappointed. And a little teary-eyed. RightHand took the news better, definitely. And, of course, there are other cute pugs and we are looking into a lot of them.

And perhaps it was meant to be after all, because, to drown my sorrows, I continued looking on Petfinder, and came upon her/this:

And this:

And this:

And I am nearly crying all over again she is SO FREAKIN' ADORABLE. Litterbox trained, friendly, calm, ADORABLE- everything I wanted in the bunny I didn't know I was looking for.

Lest any of you are worried while reading this, as I would be, all animals I would ever adopt are rescues in need of a home. Further, I work (for 2 more days, sad!) at the Animal Legal Defense Fund helping prosecute cases of animal abuse. And I have read up a ton and done my homework about rabbits. I understand the commitment, etc. and I hope you do, too, when you decide to adopt.

So when I say she's so ADORABLE CUTSEY FLOPSY MOPSY OHHHH LOOK AT DA BUNNEEEE! I mean that in the most adult, responsible way possible. ;)

I've sent my e-mail inquiry and will keep you posted.

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Dingo said...

I found Dingo Girl on petfinder.com and knew, just KNEW, that she was my dog before I ever even met her. I understand the disappointment you must've felt.

That is the kewtest bunneh evah! Bunnies can be very affectionate. A lot of people don't know that but I watch Girls Next Door and I know that they like to give hugs and sleep next to you.

*I don't really watch The Girls Next Door. Please don't block my IP address.