Monday, December 15, 2008

Woman Down!

Two words: Studying kills. I got a gigantically bad papercut while I was studying today, so I took a pic for you guys. No, not of the cut, just the after-care result (Don't need any more nightmares around here...)

I think I should take a vote now, though. What's nerdier: getting a papercut while studying or blogging about it? Typing it out made me see the light. This post is done now. :)
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Dingo said...

I'm going to need more information before I can make a decision. Was it a redweld papercut? A manila folder papercut? A legal pad backboard papercut? Or was it just a standard paper papercut.

Details, woman! We need details! Just kidding. I think you were just looking for an excuse to not study for a while.

jdg said...

nerdier: my wife, waking up with her face covered in highlighter during finals.