Friday, January 23, 2009

My Right-hand Man

I think it's time to finally introduce you all to the special man in my life:

Okay, he's one, but not him.

Good Lord, no!

He and I are reallllly not well-acquainted.

Ah, yes- that's the one!

That there is my boyfriend and love-of-my-life. Now, I've been trying to come up with a cute blog "code name" for him, and realized that I have frequently called him (in real life) my "right-hand man", both because he is my partner in crime and life and because he is such a part of me that when we are apart (way too frequently!) it feels like my right-hand is missing. (And I'm right-handed, so that's sayin' a lot. He, as a leftie, may not understand the analogy ;).

Annnyyyway, so he shall henceforth be known as RightHand. Which is doubly clever because that corresponds with his initials. And now I realize that he has commented on this blog, so you know his name is Ryan. But still. RightHand it is. :)

So, a brief intro... RightHand and I met through YES! MATCH.COM! I will shout it from the rooftops! One of my life's missions is to take the stigma away from online dating for a few reasons: 1. I did it! 2. Many people do it, but lie about it! Happiness secret-keepers!! 3. I want more people to try it! Seriously, just think about it. The internet is dangerous in many ways, but online dating can be done very safely. And you get to pre-screen your dates (provided they're honest, which all of mine were, actually!).

RightHand and I got off to a rather funny start, as he was my SECOND date of the fateful night. My first one, dinner and then a...well, nothing, was kind of a bust, and I was home by 7:00, all dressed up and no place to go. RightHand's e-mail offer of coffee or a drink came in, and I was willing. I made HIM call ME, he left a witty message (of course I screened the call!), and we met up for coffee. We talked well into the night, shutting the coffee place down at midnight. From there, we went to a coffee and wine bar and hung out until 3:00 a.m. Frantic text messages from my roomie and sister aside, we were fulling into each other and thrilled to have met a match. :) As we hugged good-bye that night, we made plans for the very next day. Sometimes you just know.

More to come, but there is a small intro into a very BIG part of my life. :)


Dingo said...

Um, you may want to re-consider the whole "Right Hand" thing. There are some people out there with dirty minds. Of course, I'm not one of them *ahem* I'm just saying that SOME people (not me) would get a giggle out of that. Those immature brats. Glad I'm not one of them.

BTW, Mr. Clean is hot.

Tiptoe said...

I've done my share of online dating through a variety of sites. I've gone out on several dates but haven't found the right one.

I think it is great that you found the love of your life. That's such a wonderful thing to have.

Molly said...

I think it's funny he was your second date in the same night! But I love love and clearly, you love him :)