Thursday, January 15, 2009

We Report, You Decide.

Even though I voted for Obama this year, I just can't shake my addiction to checking every day. But I'm getting close.

Exhibit A: Who is ordering the closing of Gitmo?

Exhibit B: I never that "having it all" meant an orange woman and a Lexus. C'mon! It could at least be a Ferrari or Bentley. But thanks for the enlightenment. God, they are so patriarchal I'm going to barf.*

*This did get me thinking, though, about what "having it all" means to me. Instead of that D-Bag and his orange Barbie, I offer you my vision. Yes, yes, I know I have subscribed to the fantasy of suburbia, but "having it all", to me, is having a healthy, (somewhat) stable family, a comfortable lifestyle, and, of course, adorable pets. And ice cream. What else do you need??

1 comment:

Dingo said...

Right now, an extra pair of gloves and scarf would constitute having it all. I find the "somewhat" stable family comment hilarious. Because really, if our families were completely stable, would we ever have anything to blog about?