Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Great Outdoors/Indoors

I have such a desire to garden, and perhaps I'll get more into it during the next school year. For now, I have to make do with the few plants around my apartment:

Pretty plant from RightHand's parents- and only a few chew marks and rips from Miss Latte!

The flowers have such a precious point at the top


Btw- does anyone know what kind of plant this is? I know it's really common...some kind of lily?

And here are my two hanging flower baskets on my porch. They make me so happy:

A close-up

Trying to get a good picture of a really awesome spiderweb- FAIL

And here's my trusty gardening buddy :)


1 comment:

Dingo said...

I think they're called Peace Lilies. I have no idea what their scientific name is.