Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm Baaaaaack....Yet Gone...

Okay, okay...enough with the comments and e-mails checking to see if I'm okay and demanding to hear my wit!!! (Read: NONE of you checked up on me!!!!!!)

Anyway, as they say, I've been busy. No, really, that's all people say these days. But I digress.

Basically, I got wrapped up in finals, semi-moving back to Atlanta after the semester, going to the Indy 500, and getting settled in PORTLAND, OR for my legal clerkship with the Animal Legal Defense Fund. I'm sure I'll remind you 1,000 times, but here is the blog where I'll document my summer happenings:

So, not sure how much I'll be blogging here during the summer- we'll see if the other blog is enough.

Without further ado, however, I AM going to at least get caught up on this blog by posting some photos and video of the Indy 500- it was a blast!!!

RightHand, looking to get his @ss kicked by wearing a Formula One shirt to an INDY race... ;)

The happy couple- first vacay together, first family vacay together, and first Indy together!

The most famous address in motorsports: 16th and Georgetown

At the gate!

RightHand alone

RightHand and me with the track in the background (and one of the posters commemorating the track's 100th anniversary!)

The track! The famous pagoda! Ah, heaven!

There I is!

RightHand fulfilling his dream

Looking towards Turn 1, where our seats are

We could sort of see one of the Target cars
Pre-race hustle and bustle

The famous sights/sites

More famous views

More proof...

Trying my hand at being an Indy Princess (yes, they actually have those- does this country ever miss an opportunity to degrade women at sporting events??)

Dad, stepmom, and I in our seats

Looking left from our seats

Looking right from our seats

Looking at Mario Lopez ride by from our seats ;)

Military members getting ready to unfurl huge flag

Told ya!

Realllllly big flag!

The traditional flyover

Another shot

Jim Nabors singin'

The balloons are released!

The exit of pit lane as seen from our seats

Full house!

Finally- warming up!

Since this post has turned into a giant, giant collection of photos, I'll post the photos during the actual race in another post to come shortly.

In the mean time, stop by and say hi!


Dingo said...

I didn't send an email but I DID wonder where you had gone! Does that count?

Ryan said...

Look, you've know him for 24 years, but that is NOT your dad's bum in that pic. Look later on in the photo shoot and you can clearly see your dad's wearing white t-shirt and blue shorts, they guy in the pic is wearing tan polo and brown shorts. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Looks like you guys had a blast. And you know, I didn't think that guy was dad either!

Reagan said...

Oh my gosh, you're right! That ISN'T dad!!!