Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pet-Sitting, Part 2: The Neighbors

What is that I spy??


Ponies Three

So cuuuute! (I really couldn't stop saying that)

I think I posted about this little guy before, but yes, s/he is my soul mate

The fro/mullet on this baby is incredible!

Pasture pal

Another pasture pal

No matter how much I know better to ask, or to stay safe, I can't avoid reaching out to other people's pets!

Luckily these were sweet ponies

I kissed a pony and I liked it!

Holy crap- this one is plump and cute, too!

Very much!

Chillin'- nice pasture for them- yay

Really can't have too many pics of Blonde Pony

Goodbye my sweet friend!

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