Monday, April 18, 2011

Review: Massager Heating Pad

You may recall a while back when I said there would be an upcoming review on this blog.

Well, 800 years later, here it is!

Using our generous $30 credit from CSN Stores, and with wedding stress and half-marathon training (RightHand, not me!) upon us, RightHand and I decided to purchase the Sunbeam Heat Plus Massager Heating Pad. (The link says the product is currently unavailable- great timing, CSN!)

So, I'll break it down simply for you:

-It has heat and massaging action, so that really helps with sore muscles, etc.
-The heat and massage functions can be used together or alone.
-It is great quality- nice pad cover, strudy control remote, etc.

-There are only 2 settings, high and low. I'm used to pads that have settings of 1-10.
-The shipping was pretty steep: $7.00. Not sure if that is standard or not.
-The pad is a bit thick, though I understand that's the price one must pay for the massaging function.

We probably would not have gotten this product without the voucher, but we are glad we have it. Overall, I would give it a 3 out of 5, and a big thank you to CSN Stores, and a huge recommendation that you check out their selection when searching for anything for your home- seriously! Their selection is overwhelming at times.

Thanks for tolerating a review, dear readers!

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