Sunday, June 26, 2011

Belated Friday Fotos

Belated, as usual, and I skipped last week altogether! Oh, these silly 10-hour days! :-(

Here are my faves from this week (go here to pick yours):

The kiss seen 'round the world
(omg- that was my comment before I noticed the title!)
(Those riots were absolutely ridiculous- what's wrong with people?!)

Wow- yoga in Times Square!
(I bet the people stuck in the resulting traffic weren't as calm...)

So different from my privileged life, so not okay

I've seen so many pictures of this beautiful tradition- need to find out more about it.
(Is it weird that I am also always concerned about whether the lanterns are biodegradable? Guess they are... Will research.)

A picture practically right out of the 1950s!
Reminds me of some local Minnesota car shows- Love it!

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