Monday, July 25, 2011

Universal Love

As I've mentioned before, I awaken to find an e-mail from The Universe every day. Well, Monday through Friday, and let's face it, that's when I most need a little inspiration. As The Universe very well knows. (Because it's The Universe.)

As a service to all my other Universals (that would be a cool official name of people living in the Universe, yes? You heard it here first!), I thought I'd share a little more of the love that I have received, as it is applicable to all people, in all places. If you'd like to set up your own e-mail relationship with The Universe (isn't that how all things start these days?), just go here.

Below I've changed my name to "Reader", so as to make it reach you a little more directly. :) Enjoy!

Message from The Universe #1:

One of the trickiest things about life, Reader, is that, at times, it happens so slowly.

Yet... if... it... happened... any... faster... you'd... already... have... everything... you... ever... wanted... without... learning... to... enjoy... the... ride.

Beep, beep...
The Universe

Message from The Universe #2:

Last night, Reader, I was dreaming of you, again.

You were radiant, confident, and light beamed in every direction from the core of your being. Music followed you, angels serenaded you, and everyone was elevated by your presence. Wisdom shown from your eyes. Kindness emanated from your touch. And your power was simply awesome.

You looked, well... pretty much... exactly as you do right now.

The Universe

Message from The Universe #3:

Reader, do you know why dogs are so quick to wag their tails and cats are so quick to purr? Even the ones that have been lonely, abused, and betrayed?

Because, as is true of all animals, they were instilled with the distant awareness that no matter what the world shows them, they're still deeply loved and needed, that their presence alone has made a difference, and that in just the shake of a leg, seemingly without reason or rhyme, everything can FANTASTICALLY change for the better.

As is true of all people, except sometimes they tend to forget.

The Universe

Message from The Universe #4:

The big ideas almost never seem like big ideas, at first.

So, Reader, be on the lookout for little ideas that seem kind of ho-hum, ain't no 'thang,' let me floss first, kind of ideas.


The Universe

Message from The Universe #5:

Did you know, Reader, that every time you cry there, harps go quiet here, angels stop dancing, and the stars look down in stunned silence?

Which is why we often say, "If Reader ain't happy, ain't no one happy."

You are loved,
The Universe

Alright, that it probably all of the love you can handle for now- more to come in the future! :)

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