Thursday, September 20, 2007

I wish this weren't orange- more on that later

I am feeling rather frustrated this morning. But then, alas, Lori saved me with quite laugh. But then I was outbid on eBay. Ah, the perils of modern life!

And seriously, I forgot what I even logged in to type. Very typical for me...poo! :(

Oh! I did remember something. At first, I thought about making this blog about all of my frustrations in life, and about how I hate people (sometimes). But there are many, many problems with that. First, that's just not who I am. Second, if people found only that, they would think that I was only a grumpy gus! No good. And I forgot all the other reasons.

But having said that, there will still be a significant amount of whining, I'm sure. For now: My long-awaited bowl of cereal was tainted by sour milk!!

And Scott Turow can eat a butt.

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livefor(what)ever said...

What would blogging be if there weren't whining?? Anyone who reads your blog who ACTUALLY knows you knows that you're hopelessly optimistic, unbelievably loving, and extraordinarily positive in most situations.

You've also touched the lives of some people so deeply, [not naming names ;c)], and you've given so much of your energy to the happiness of others, you deserve a little webspace to whinge every now and again. You've earned it. :c)