Monday, October 5, 2009

Belated Bunday!

Poor sweet Daisy... With 7 cats in the apartment this weekend, she has not had nearly enough play time, and now I didn't even blog about her on time. This week will be all about bunny love, I promise, little girlie.

In better times, Daisy had a great weekend when RightHand visited a few weeks ago. He got some great pictures of her, and gave them some hilarious captions. Enjoy:


Yay, Cranberry Dispenser!

Empty Hand, Asshole

From Law School to Shit Scooper (one of my faves-ha!)

Happy Bun

I'm Gonna Bite Him

Nose Moving

Bunny Postcard

Bunny Profile

Docile Bun


Right Before Bunny Kisses

Stew (RightHand loves to tell Daisy that we're going to have rabbit stew soon...!)

Still No Berries


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