Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spoke Too Soon

Harhar... So, right after I posted the, er, post below, another mishap.

I walked into my office this morning, where the kittens stay, and my singsong "Good morning!!!" was met with dead silence. Eerie silence.

I looked in the kittens' usual sleeping spots: nothing. I asked Daisy: nothing. Well, okay, I got some nose wiggles. But the case was cold. I actually started tearing up, fearing that someone had surely snuck in during the night and only stolen the kittens! (In my wildest dreams? I kid!)

Well, of course, I accidentally locked the kittens in the closet with no food, water, or litterbox all dang night. You know, everything a growing kitten needs!

Sigh. For shame.

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