Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kitten Update

Well, the farmily is changing and morphing. One kitten adopted out. Another kitten adopted out. And the first kitten returned. Boo!

While the two were allegedly adopted out, the two black brothers really bonded, and it was definitely good for Peanut, the runt:

Okay, guys- that's enough. Too much cute!!

My foster cat, Almond, also got to bond with them some more:

Look at her! That cat is not right. Not right at all. But we love you, Crazy Almond!

Butterfly was the first to be adopted, "she" turned out to be a "he", and the adopter had a preference. :( I felt so bad for the kitten to be shuffled around and such, but he has returned to play with his brothers, and is even handsomer, if I may say:

Cutest study buddy ever

The second kitten to be adopted (success!) was Princess. Er, Prince. Yup, also turned out to be a boy. A litter of all boys- yuck! Some pictures from his last day with me:

Oh, those Siamese eyes!

Anyway, renamed Sushi, that little boy is very happy in his new home. Here is an excerpt of an e-mail from his new owner, which nearly made me cry happy, happy tears:

"He slept in bed with me last night and is a huge cuddler. He pushes his way under the covers, then sticks his head out against my cheek. He didn't cry at all and even jumped off the bed to use the litterbox while I was asleep. I put a box next to the bed, so he can come and go as he pleases. He also "nurses" in his sleep- he sucks on my t-shirt and kneads my chest. He loves to pounce on bumps in the blanket too...

He's doing great. He is JUST what I was looking for! (and has no trouble finding mischief- he jumps up on the fish tank to "fish" and drags toilet paper around the house! Thank you so much! He is very well loved!"

Ah, there are those tears again. Yay.

So, one kitten down, three to go.

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