Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Caturday!

Well, things are still rockin' along in the kitties' worlds...

The brothers have really bonded

Realllly bonded. Awwww.

Too cute. ::faints::

The calico is still craaaazy.
(Here you can see her bare pink belly. The vet says she pulls her hair out as sort of an OCD thing. Because of course my cat would have OCD.)

"Mooommmm! Stop embarrassing me!"

But she and new baby brother also bonded. Awww. :)

He wuvs his sister! (I know, you're gagging. Sorry!)

But my heart really stops when all three of them hang out together:

On the couch...

(Pants) On the ground...

And in the chair...

And even synchronize their paws! :)

'Til next time...Kisses to your furry friends! :)

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