Friday, February 12, 2010

Southern Snow

The rain boots are being used as snow boots...

The stores are out of bread, milk, and red velvet cake mix (Dammit!)

OH YES!!!!



My calls were obviously answered (you're welcome!):

The beginning...

Just an hour or two later- woohoo!


Love this tree

My poor car...

And later...

Kitty print!

Royal and Daisy loved the snow!

A quick kiss!

More kitty paws! Royal thought the snow was something to be pounced upon and attacked. My cute little mama's boy! (We have video of it somewhere, but I can't find it. Hope it recorded!!)

Pouncing. And finally- the one medium where the black cat will actually show up in a picture!

Daisy preferred eating the snow off of the railings.

And tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum were their usual scaredy-cat selves. Scared of the snow? No. The bunny? Oh yes. She chases them around, fur flies, and hisses are doled out. We're working on it.

Dang. Maintaining the image of a big happy family is so hard when I'm always telling the damn truth.

Anyway, happy snow day!!! :)


The Ashes said...

I love your let it snow window decor!!! Makes for adorable pics.

Also, super cute bunny!!! I miss mine :(

ACE said...

i take back what i said last fall on one of your posts. i think i said something to the effect of don't hold your breath :) happy to see your wishes were granted!!!