Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm Back! And Dance Dance Resolution (I had to)

Phew. It's time. Since my unofficial blogging break started, I've been waiting for life to slow down to the point where I'd have time to mindlessly tap the keyboard and share my thoughts with the world.

Well, I finally realized (once again), that life never slows down. Well, I mean, retired people look pretty relaxed, but that's slightly far away for me considering I still don't have a job. (Excuse me while I resume the fetal position and near-constant sobbing about Ramen noodles, burdens, and kitty mouths to feed).

Annnnyway, you and I? It's definitely time to catch up. I have so much to tell you! And so much to hear about, I'm sure. Over the next few weeks, I hope to unpack all that has happened and show you my newly acquired souvenirs, knickknacks, stresses, and memories.

For now, I wanted to re-start the new year and share my resolutions with you:

1. Stop hating your body. Really. Think of all of the stress and worry this adds to your life, and all of the time it wastes!! How many minutes, nay, hours do you spend per day hating yourself? And for what? I'm all about being productive, and this is as anti-productive as it gets. Hating my body won't save more animals, won't get me a first job, and certainly won't make anyone like/love me more. In fact, it hurts so many of my life goals. And after all, do I really want to look back on my life and see all of that wasted energy, when all along...I was perfect the way I am...?

2.Clean up NOW. Small but simple. I have vowed to clean up (most) messes as I make them. Yes, the carpet will slowly get dirty and I'll eventually vacuum. But for other messes, like ice cream on the counter, water all over the bathroom sink, I'll take care of it right then. (So far so good on this one, even when my jar of rosemary exploded all over the kitchen the other day...go me!)

3. Write right here. This blog has always been a fun place for me to write a little, post pictures, and share crazy things from the crazy Interwebs. And it still will be. But every now and then, I want to pepper in some meaningful posts, the ones I have been longing to write, the ones where I actually say something. Looking forward to it.

Wow, this post took all of 5 minutes. I can do this. And damn, it feels good to be back.