Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Great Pumpkin

For the ultimate fall overload(hey, us city slickers have to make the most of these far away country trips!), we went from the apple orchard to Burt's (pumpkin) Farm.

RightHand was sure to get the port-a-potties in the shot

And because I know him and his smirks, I made him take the photo again :)

Awkward photo

No comment
(RightHand didn't understand the point of gourds,
so of course I made him pose with them)

RightHand hates this picture, but I think he looks hawt!! ;)

The scene

I didn't feel as awkward as I look! :)

Someone demonstrates the proper pumpkin-sitting position...not!


Were people around us barfing?

Most likely :)

We picked our prize pumpkin!
(And promptly got it stuck in this little basket)

Did they mean "Cutie"?

The pumpkin was promptly forced into modeling slavery

Nice shot, RightHand!

Will he be a goofball for Halloween?
No, that's his daily costume ;)

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