Monday, October 11, 2010

New Digs: The Move

As I mentioned earlier, so much has happened while I haven't been blogging (hence the reason I was not blogging!). One of the major life events was RightHand and I moving in together. After an exhaustive search, we found an apartment we loved, signed the lease, and got movin'!

The living room. We had to live with two couches for awhile. The feng shui was terrible.

Broader living room picture

Not gettin' out on the patio any time soon...!

I actually can't even identify what part of our apartment this is!

Near the kitchen. Just by looking at this picture, I feel a panic attack rising up.. I do not do well with clutter!!

Ryan's Goodwill pile. Thank the Lord! If anything good came of this move (and so much did!), #1 might have to be all of the stuff we parted with.

Royal was the only creature who would brave the closet!

The office

Other side of the office- Poor Daisy had to be in her cage- a state she did not like!

Towards the master bathroom

A common scene after the move- me, exhausted, in a not at all built bed!

And another scene common the next week- me, exhausted, in a built bed :)
(Kitties' presence is a MUST!)

A few days after we moved (but not unpacked!), RightHand's parents (and brother) brought lunch over- a lifesaver!


I don't know how we didn't lose a cat during the move...

Slowly but surely...

...things started to come together.

Little by little...

Progress was made.

Ahhhh... order out of chaos!

And then the unthinkable happened.

Yes, we accidentally trapped ourselves

Big time.

Luckily, many trips to the recycling center cured our problem, and we lived to tell the tale. :)

And lived to achieve cat owner's bliss- a bathroom dedicated solely to the cats!

And, yes, I lived to get a hot stone massage that almost killed me...

Royal lived to get one of the cutest/most embarrassing haircuts on the planet
(but he took it like a champ!):

My little poodle!

Look at those leg stripes coming out!

Handsome dude

We only called him "Poof" for a little while ;)

Latte lived to contort another day...

Daisy lived to lick a few more pillows...

And RightHand and Gatsby lived to continue their love affair.

Next up: The finished product!

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Randy said...

Some of those photos look like a California earthquake hit!!