Sunday, October 17, 2010

An Apple Once a Year...

As I mentioned previously, RightHand and I headed up to Ellijay, Georgia this weekend for some fall fun!

On the way there, we were amused at this dirt mound preserved for the telephone pole:

Hey, when you're in horrible traffic, it's the little things, right?

First, the B.J. Reece Apple House:

RightHand arrived...

And approved!

We noticed something strange about this tent while waiting for orchard admittance...Bernhardt? Is that from a funeral home?!

RightHand's Ready!

And so am I!

Dorked out with my picking bag and apple sticker :)

There were beautiful views

Labeled rows- Rome and Arkansas Black (what?) were in season

Love apple trees :)

The first pick

The first bite

I like this shot of my hair :)

It was hillier than it looks!

But who can be sad in an apple orchard? Not me! :)

I told RightHand to get some dramatic shots of the apple crates...

And he did!

He really did! :)

And then he digressed.

Just a beautiful, bountiful day!

There were some pretty purple flowers on this bush/vine...

The apple of my eye ;)

Next up? Pumpkins!

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