Saturday, February 5, 2011

Belated Friday Fotos

Well, the streak has ended. Friday Fotos on a Saturday...I know- for shame! (To be fair, I have once again been attacked by a horrible sinus infection. Which really isn't fair at all.)

So, here are my faves (go here to choose yours):

This weather is just not okay!
My sister in CT has been experiencing what would normally be considered depression, schizophrenia, etc., but is actually what can only truly be explained as a proper response to the ridiculousness that some cities are experiencing!
If you don't believe global climate change is real, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?

Love photos like this- symmetrical, colorful images of a normally average activity

Oh, Australia! :(

What's this?? An ode to my Daisy? Oh, it's just the Year of the Rabbit
(don't tell Daisy, please! :)

Wow- what an image of motherhood.
A breastfeeding break in a coal yard. Love it.

This photo terrifies me. You go to the grocery store, next minute you are under attack and bloody. You are in Afghanistan, but still...

I am obviously aware of the crazy events occurring in Egypt this week, but none of the photos of those events truly grabbed me. Would love to know if you find some provocative ones.

'Til next week!

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