Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding Decisions: The Groom

Okay, so it wasn't really a hard decision, but one of the things we need for the wedding is a groom. :) RightHand is the one and only option, but I wanted to brag a little bit and let you know that he's the right choice. ;)

Why? Well, the list goes on and on...

1. The sweet little things

We painted our apartment back in the fall. I walked into the bedroom, which we were turning a minty green, to see this:

Simple but sweet, y'know?

2. His efforts and gestures

After we did said painting, our living room wall has been a more-orange-than-I-wanted-it shade of brown, and I've struggled with what to hang above the couch.

Like so

A few nights ago, RightHand told me to wait in our office for 15 minutes. I heard nails being hammered. I was worried.

But when I came out, he had bought and hung the perfect picture for the wall:

Naturey and helps it look more brown!

3. Animal Lover

How can I resist a man that has to have his picture taken with each of our cats on his birthday? :)


Gatty never really wants a hug ;)


4. More Little Things

After he came home from a business trip, I walked into the apartment, and right into this:

Gorgeous flowers, a cupcake, and a little baggie of Swedish fish
Heaven help me!

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Goofy, sweet, thoughtful... I pick bachelor #1! :)

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Randy said...

Wow, you're right! He's a keeper! ;)