Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wedding Decisions: Invitations

I may have mentioned this, but at the beginning of our planning process, RightHand and I decided what elements of the wedding were going to be most important to each of us, and thus more deserving of our resources (time and money). I chose photography (I had long been obsessed with this amazing wedding photography blog) and general decor (especially imagining the look of the tables at the reception, etc.). RightHand chose food and the honeymoon destination.

Well, little did we (okay, mainly I) know, everything comes to seem important as you choose it. Thus, we got caught up in the excitement of choosing invitations, but I think it turned out quite well.

In the beginning, we loved these, so so much (and basically anything and everything by Rifle Design):

But when we found it that it was about $2,000 for the custom illustration, we had to scale our dreams back a bit. (Ain't that always the way?)

I loved this kind of casual, adorable story-telling:

And the cute wording on this one:

(It says: "Alex and Meghan have been running partners, canine lovers, and beer connoisseurs…. Please join them…” )

So, I started searching the web for custom invitation-makers (there is probably a much fancier trade word for this- apologies!) in Atlanta. I found two, and the owner of one called me and lured me with a friendly attitude and the offer of a free consultation.

We went, and the rest is history.

Eberle Invitations has been absolutely awesome to work with, producing affordable (seriously! And relatively speaking...this is the wedding world, you know ;) actual CUSTOM invitations.

I can't share the invitations (they haven't been sent yet!), and please, please do not feel left out if you haven't received a save-the-date from us. We are having a very small wedding, and please know that you are still very loved. :)

Without further ado, here is the front and back of our save-the-date:

(Feel free to visit our wedding website- I worked hard on it! :)

(Return address edited to protect the innocent, but you can still see the cute birdy sitting on it :)

So very in keeping with our wedding feel and theme, and so "us". Perfect!

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