Monday, March 21, 2011

Belated Friday Fotos

Sheesh! When were you guys going to tell me that a new job and wedding planning and life and all of that would take up so much time? And we are nearing a deadline at work and are going to ten-hour days and weekends. THANK YOU! I truly had too much spare time on my hands.

Enough whining. (Wait, with me, have I ever done enough whining?? Methinks no, but I will not bore you any further.) Here are my favorite photos from the past week (go here to pick yours):

Oh, glorious!
I know my mom will love this one!

This captures how I feel about the situation
The agony, the despair... it's hard to put into words or images,
but this photo does a great job.

I was really obsessed with finding photos that gave a good perspective of the tsunami,
and this one is great

Another photo offering great perspective

Ink truck crash!

Nearly loved every photo this week! 'Til next time...

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