Sunday, March 27, 2011

Belated Friday Fotos

Oh, shocking- posting this on a Sunday night! :-0

Here are my faves from the week, go here to find yours:

Oh, this takes me back to some college memories...
::big mischievous grin::

I think I featured a photo of this drill before.
But what a modern marvel!

Amazing photo, amazing force of nature.

Wow- right near the barbed wire, too!

I'll admit to not knowing enough about this conflict,
but this seems like a beautiful moment, pregnant with so much meaning.

Man- Jews have all the fun!
(And yes, I say this a bit tongue-in-check,
with full awareness of the irony and distastefulness)

Snow. Jeesh. Just what Japan needed... :(

Apologies- Guess I'm feelin' a bit chatty tonight!
'Til next time...

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