Monday, March 28, 2011

Wedding Decisions: Photographer

Our wedding photographer was probably the most important category for me when we began our planning. I had been following this photography blog forever, and knew I wanted awesome engagement and wedding photos.

Like many people (I think), I have a hard time putting my artistic visions into words. As we went along in the process, I learned that I like "photojournalistic" style mixed with "classic" style, etc. I learned a lot, is what I'm saying. And bless the photographers who put up with me.

Just to give you an idea of my likes, here are some photos that I've had saved on my hard drive since we became engaged (!):

Love the angle

Love the concept of holding baby photos during the engagement shoot

Think I saved this to remember the stair shot

Love them kissing while everyone cheers

Cute sunglasses/artsy vibe

So, here are the photographers we met with...

1. Jeff Gaines:

Two very memorable things about this meeting: his fedora, like so:

Dramatic re-enactment
(Jeff rocked it way better)
Photo Source

Also, apparently it was the first day of football season, and RightHand giggled with excitement whined the whole way. (He will protest, but he will be wrong). And yet, when we got there, zounds! The photographic ideas poured out of RightHand. He was into all the examples and knew exactly what he wanted, from having Jeff pretend to be a bird in the woods behind the venue (oh yes) to re-creating movie scene with his groomsmen. It was a thing to behold. Love my groom. :)

2. Next (I how time flies!) we met with Carrie Tabb:

When we first got engaged and I dragged (yes, I admit it) RightHand to a bridal show, a serendipitous thing occurred. I was checking out a photographers booth, and recognized someone in her photos! Erin Guthman, my childhood best friend:

She's married?
Wasn't it just yesterday that we were jumping over tape in doorways, pretending to be horses...?

Adorable engagement photo!

It was awesome.

3. Next we met with the lovely Alison Church:

She has a journalism background and takes some killer photos. (Sorry, to dramatic story or photos for her).

4. Next (SERIOUSLY), we met with Carla Gates:

And yes, this photo is whimsical, brilliant, and beautiful:

And yes, we walked in, and she exclaimed, "RightHand!" (Okay, she used his real name... :) They went to the same high school. Small world, as always.

And no, this does not lead to an exciting guessing game, for it would be impossible.

In the end, we went with none of these photographers.





Oh yes, this budget-conscious, eco-friendly couple is flying in my sister's wedding photographer from Connecticut!!

Trust us, it's worth it. (And actually not even more expensive than some Atlanta-area photographers!)

Here is the preview of my sister's wedding photos...

...And here is my sister's Trash-the-Dress session. It's incredible.

I mean, come on.

Paired with her gorgeous blog, incredible love of family, and the way she speaks about photography, we had to have her.

And we can't wait for her to capture The Big Day. :)

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