Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wedding Decisions: Flowers

Flowers, flowers everywhere!!

That's how many people want their wedding.

For RightHand and I, flowers are important, but not in that coveted list of Ultimate Important Things to spend money on for the wedding. But, as I said before, EVERYTHING suddenly seems SO important when planning the thing, or talking to the certain vendor. (Just ask RightHand how many times I've woken up in a cold sweat over table runners. To have or not to have? This really should be nobody's question.)

For the sake of professionalism, respect, avoidance of a defamation suit, etc., I'll let you know which vendors we met with and my edited thoughts. If you need a more nitty gritty observation, e-mail me at curvygirly8 at gmail dot com.

Well, now I've made it sound like we met with some terrible people. And we haven't. Just one, and she's not in this post. :)

Without further ado:

Florist #1: Ginger Lily Events

Gorgeous work! I mean, even though it's not my style, are you seeing this bouquet she did with feathers?!

She was recommended to us by a photographer and told that she's great about keeping within a budget. Just didn't really feel it.

Florist #2: Bloom Floral Design

Hands down the cutest website and cutest business card. Website photos are a little hard to navigate, but certainly give a good idea of her work.

Cathy was still nice to me even though I was a flustered idiot that day (it was my first vendor meeting without RightHand (we both agreed florist meetings were b-o-r-i-n-g (no offense, they just kinda are! No examples. Boo.)) so perhaps I was simply lost without him?) The use of parentheses in this paragraph was unacceptable and I apologize.

Back to Bloom... Just, yes, once again, not feelin' it.

Florist #3: Birch Blooms

Angie, the owner, had the energy I had been looking for. Really fun to talk with, and I kind of love every bouquet on her blog, each for different reasons. She really has a range, and you can tell she made each bouquet to perfectly suit the bride's taste (surely not an easy feat):

So, I've made it really cryptic, eh?

We chose...


Florist #3- Birch Blooms!

I can tell Angie is going to be great to work with, not to mention she must be good luck for true love- Look at this story that got her featured in People Magazine!

So, Angie told me to send her pictures of bouquets and such that I liked. I threw a ton of stuff at her, and I'm sure it will be beautiful! You know, on that certain day... that's quickly approaching...eeks!

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