Sunday, April 25, 2010

Belated Friday Fotos

Man! I still have the best intentions of posting on time, and then weddings, drama, naps...the whole nine yards! :)

Well, anyway, here are my favorites from last week (there are a lot!) (and you can go here to pick yours):

Wow, this picture is amazing. I've always been fascinated by the sun, since I was little. Well, that's mainly because I learned that it would burn up/put one day and that terrified my little worrying self (much like I would cry about trees being cut down before I'd fall asleep at night, and don't get me started on killer whales...), but still...

Who doesn't love this kind of photo?

I'm not overly in love with the photo itself, but the subject matter was just too fascinating to let it pass...

An animal lover through and through, I had to post this photo of a child hugging his dog after the earthquake in China

Wow- the heat distortion makes this photo into a Monet, and the accompanying blurb is quite interesting

Fascinated by this situation- looks like ridiculously hard work!

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