Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And the Winner Is...

It's true! I'm getting married at the Houston Mill House on May 14, 2011.

Typing that nearly made me faint.

Looking at that photo nearly made me faint.

But, yes, Venue #2, the Houston Mill House, was/is the clear winner. Here are some pics of when RightHand and I showed the venue to his parents, younger brother, and nephew, and one of my best friends, Kayti, and my mama!

The lobby of the attached/nearby Emory Conference Center Hotel

More lobby

Cute future nephew!

Check-in time! (Okay, okay, later...specifically, May 14, 2011!)

Cool ceiling by check-in desk

Awesome animal sculpture on the wall

Cute squirrel sculptures on the ledge

Neat decor

Beautiful fireplace

Bird photo (Birds is our likely wedding theme...)


My mom really loved this mirror (and who wouldn't?)

Modeling the mirror
(Perhaps next time I'll be in my wedding dress? ::Faints::)

Modeling the acorn direction signs
(My mom and I really love this little decorative touch!)


And see the details of the leaves? Awesome!

A courtyard where we thought about getting married...

A closer look

And we nearly had our reception in an area like this, but the event manager kept saying that they couldn't hold the space... whaaa??

No go

There it is!!

Happy bride!

The happy couple
(Why I am I standing so weirdly?)

A little better

It is truly this beautiful in person; I don't think I'll ever get over it!

Have I told you lately that it's gorgeous?

The view the opposite way: the also-gorgeous alumni house

The gazebo in front of which we'll be married
(We're told it will be painted white, and the guests will be seated on the stones)

A closer look

Kayti helping me through a practice run :)


Twinkle Toes next to the front fountain :)

The posse inspecting the first room

The other side

The room where dinner will be served
(Most likely, though the outdoors is a possibility!)

Love that fireplace

Say it with me: A closer look ;)

The buffet room

Downstairs- the back-up location and dance floor
(Man with deer-in-the-headlights look not included ;)

Separate bar downstairs

A closer look

Back patio

Bracing myself... for awesomeness!
Lame? Lame.

They said we could line the back brick wall with candles, etc.- so excited!

My lovely betrothed got a nice close-up for planning purposes
(Thanks, love! :-p)

Beautiful back view (oh, of the building too- lol)

Is the catering manager swooning?
It's true, my wedding will be swoon-worthy ;)

I'll throw my bouquet from there!

The elusive plaque on the groom's room door (no one can get a decent picture of it!)
It states that Jimmy Carter stayed there while the Carter Center was being built- SO cool!!

Pictures of Carter in the room

RightHand pretending to be Carter rethinking his decisions

What say you, Mr. President?

The ladies have infiltrated the groom's getting ready room

So happy :)

The bride's room- I absolutely love that I will be able to watch the guests arrive!

Gorgeous antique chandelier in the foyer

Another look

A fun dinner at Outback wrapped up an exciting day :)

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ACE said...

YEAH!!! This was the one I voted for (in my head...not anywhere else...:)