Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Favorite Things

Alright, looks like this is going to become a regular feature because I'm so greedy sharing. :) Probably not going to put it on a certain day, as that tends to not always work for me (see all posts with "BELATED" in the title!).

So, as my fancy has been struck, check out...

These adorable laptop skins:

Obviously made just for me, as I only drink chai lattes (as far as coffee drinks go) and I fell in love with Portland this past summer :)
Find it here!

Adorable! And yes, who doesn't like kittens? Freaks.
Find it here!

And yes, I have overwhelming BABY FEVER!, but I also have logic, which tells me that a negative checking account balance and wee ones do not mix (God, I wish everyone used my logic...) In any case, I can still plan! Love these growth charts:

Find it here!

Find it here!

And if you're still not reading Style Lush? Well, damn you and your self control!! :-p

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