Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Belated Caturday!

Well Mr. Royal continues to be the apple of our eyes. He's about six months old now and still up to all sorts of things (including falling off RightHand's apartment balcony! Don't worry, our hero is okay :) Now, a day in the life of Royal...

He loves to cuddle with his mommy (into the late morning/early afternoon...teehee)

Followed by a nice strettttttch

A little outdoor time (Look at that handsome boy!)

A little snack (or daddy's ice cream...)

Perhaps another nap?

Some more outdoor time with brudder and sister

Pouting about sharing attention

Another nap? Why yes, thank you!

And then...

An evening bath with daddy!
(They say no man is an island, but...)

I wish I were joking! (Okay, no I don't- this is hilarious)
(And yes, I have RightHand's permission to share his sexy bod!)

The Cat, The Myth, The Legend

Hope your days are as entertaining as Royal's! :)

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