Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Caturday!

A few months ago was RightHand's birthday, and I made him a cupcake cake (is that redundant?), which was a disaster adventure all to itself:

It didn't sit evenly in the oven AND I overfilled it. Thus, big mess and the use of a leveling cookie sheet was required.

I floured the pan AS DIRECTED and it stuck to the cake- gross!
(The pan was from Williams-Sonoma, I mean c'mon!)
(Click that link to see a cake that is the opposite of mine! And the carousel example just pisses me off. ;)

Sad-looking cupcake!

I was so disappointied that you couldn't see the swirl/curly-cue once I frosted it

The model at his party

Happy man

My soulmate: Cake is cake is cake- let's eat it!

Hmmm, someone else is intrigued by the red velvet...

Yeah, uh, help yourself, kitten!
(Secret thought: Phew! At least someone will eat my crappy cake!)

Hope your Caturday was filled with a more polite feline variety :)

1 comment:

ACE said...

you should fine this one...

it has two separte parts it will sit evenly. i've been looking to invest in one for cake decorating and when i do this will be the one. i think they sell it at bed bath and beyond. or one like it...