Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Day is Done

Well, the excitement just wouldn't stop!

Cute kitties huddled together for warmth:

(Er, yes, that is a picture of their daddy above their bed. He did not want to be forgotten! His idea! His idea, I say!!)

We had some power surges all evening and then a full outage. It was quite charming to see the candles begin to glow from everyone's apartment. Not so charming to be in the pitch black dark, convinced a murderer is also in the room (what? like you don't remember the night goggles scene from Silence of the Lambs?!) with nary a candle or light nearby. I panicked as I realized that everything (reading, blogging, watching movies) that I had fantasized about doing on this cozy night needed electricity. I've gotta get me a hobby that can be done in the dark. Damn you, knitters!! I groped my way towards the drawer with my flashlight and then quickly got to work.

Quite the ambiance. About 15 minutes later, all was better back to normal.

Goodnight, Moon.

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