Sunday, March 1, 2009

What A Day!

So Ol' Man Winter has finally come back to Georgia! Long time, no see, eh?

At first, I got reallllllly excited about this:

Oh, that's right. If you squint, you can even see some snow- I swear!

Then I got even more excited about this:

And spent all afternoon trying to figure out what made these tracks:

It is only now, while posting that I remembered the complex maintenance guys drive around in golf carts. Bingo. (Yeah, we Sherlock Holmes it like that around here.)

And then, my dear non-Southerners, an activity commenced that is so magical, so rare, so mystical, that it had the power to make this the OFFICIAL BLIZZARD OF '09 (get your t-shirts!!!) Oh, that's right, kids:

Let the pathetic Southern sledding begin! After about 3 runs, the kids had pretty much slushed up all the snow on the "hill."

It was about this time that I went to work-out (thank God for indoor treadmills!) and tromped through the wet and slushy "snow." Got back and took a hot shower, which we all know I love, and literally giggled at the prospect of a cozy, wintry afternoon. I sincerely hoped that everyone was taking this day to stay inside and slow down.

Lest you think the excitement died down, here are some more pics:

Now we're talkin'!

I don't like to be too Judgey McJudgeykins with nature, but this tree just looks sad and awful. Though now it is lookin' a little better to me.

And it just kept getting better from there!

I hope you're sitting down because, be still my heart, I even made a little video for you all! Enjoy:

And, you aren't even going to believe this, but I SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST!! No, it can't be!! you say. (Oh, I hear you, I do.) But here you are:

Perfect day. Hope you all are warm and safe!

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