Thursday, March 26, 2009


Like everyone these days, I'm sick. Not just sick and tired of sooooo many things (though I definitely am that!)-- medically sick. Yay.

After months of randomly blowing my nose culminating in feeling like my head was going to explode (I am prone to exaggerating- this time? NOT exaggerating! And as RightHand knows, I have a strange fear/fascination with spontaneous human combustion, so I was quite panicked).

Annnnnnyway, turns out it's sinusitis. Yeeeeeeah, like that's even a diagnosis! Riiiiiight, Doc... (To be fair, any "-itis" added on to any word in the medical world means sickness (or something...) Foot hurts? Footitis! And conjunctivitis? Clearly a grammar-related problem!* This concludes Med School 101- please hold your applause.)

So, the doc tells me I need a shot in my bum. Naturally, I panic (yes, again). I am ashamed to admit that these words actually came out of my mouth: "I'm scared..." "Okay, Reagan, no problem--- Pacifier and blankie to room 203- STAT! You know, for the 24 year old LAW STUDENT."

As it turns out "shot in the bum" just meant pulling my jeans down a little and getting a shot in my lower back- and it didn't even hurt! But then again, that resulted in no lollipop, so I'm not really sure if I won that round.

With orders to put a hot washcloth on my face, sleep at a 15 degree angle, and use eye drops, I skipped off to get my prescription. Leapin' lizards look at these HORSE PILLS I have to take:

Well, at least they go down smoothly. And they're pink- always a bonus!

Alright, off to prop myself up for a lovely night's sleep, with the wind humidifier in my hair...Bliss...

*Or, pink eye. Seriously.

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