Monday, March 9, 2009

Weddings Are In the Air!!!

BIG NEWS: My sister, Jenny, is engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She called last night, right after the proposal happened on the beach in Florida where she and Paul are on vacation to escape the dreadful Connecticut winter. Apparently her boyfriend fiance called my parents and stepmom for their blessings, so everyone knew it was coming except me! Well, and Jenny, of course. :)

I was screaming and crying on the phone with her and may have re-fractured my leg as a result of all of the jumping which must accompany squealing. It was so nice to have RightHand there with me, as we shared the family news together. Hmmm, who will be engaged next? ;)

Here is the happy couple (at his brother's wedding last summer):

And here is the ring (through grainy cell pics!):

Daaaaaaamn- way to set the bar high, Paulie!! ;) Can't wait to see it (and my sis!) in person!!! I really adore Paul and am so happy he'll be joining our family. Still can't believe my sister, my best friend, my life partner (seriously!) is going to be a WIFE!

In other not-quite-as-exciting-news, but still related and important, I have my first bridesmaid gig EVER this summer. One of my best friends, Marlee, is getting married and I was so honored to be chosen. I'm quite excited to join the ranks of the frustrated, sulking women who have come before me. ;) Kidding! My outlook is that whatever the bride wants, goes, and I don't mind a bit. I AM enthusiastic about the dress, as a matter of fact. Here it is (though it will be some shade of blue, and we'll tie the train up after the ceremony so that we don't trip later while intoxicated partying in the couple's honor):

Oh yes, I WILL be making that sultry face through the entire ceremony... ;)

Love is in the air!

Eat, drink, and be married! :)


Randy said...

Ooooooh! How exciting!!!! The ring looks bee-u-ti-ful, maybe BECAUSE of the graininess. :) Tell Jenny I said CONGRATS (and let's not remind anyone that when she was born, had you told me she'd be married AHEAD of me, I'd have slit my wrists...just sayin')

Michelle said...

Is that ever a big rock she has..*jealous*