Monday, March 30, 2009

The Visitor

I often hear a cat meowing very loudly at night- so much so that it wakes me up at the likes of 3 a.m.

Well, while I was walking up the apartment steps last night, I spied a "stray" cat that was still very friendly, so I lured it toward me with clicks and sweet words and captured catnapped rescued it! I had the culprit!

It was a pretty well-groomed cat and it was wearing a red collar, so I was afraid I had stolen some one's cat. Alas, the animal lover that I am, I figured it was better to trap some one's cat for the night then let a cat stay homeless. Of course, I immediately made posters and, due to RightHand warning me about falling in love with the cat quickly, actually posted them around my building around 11:30 p.m.

Well, two calls the next day! One was a neighbor hoping it was her lost cat, yet knowing it probably wasn't. The second- answers! The girl said she had been feeding the cat for two weeks and put the collar on it to see if someone would take it off, indicating there was an owner. Well, no owner has appeared and so her brother was willing to take the cat.

And I can understand why- my little hostage was so sweet and loving. Last night, the cat immediately drank all of the water I gave it, ate lots of food, used the litter box like a pro, and lounged royally on my futon. This cat was clearly a lovable indoor cat. Thus, we met up this afternoon, and the cat left for its forever indoor home. Dontcha just love happy endings? I know Gatsby and Latte were very relieved when the visitor finally vacated their territory...

So, she's gone now, but here is our brief visitor:

But one last thing- this wasn't the loud-mouthed cat! The girl showed me the black feral cat that yells at night but refuses to be caught... until he met Stray Charmer Reagan! Stay tuned! ;)

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Dingo said...

What a cute cat! I would've had a hard time handing him over.