Monday, March 2, 2009


Once, it happens. Twice, frustrating. Three times? It's getting a little strange...

For the past three weeks in a row, I have returned home from the love of my life/the final destination of all my money/the benevolent provider of food, Publix, to find that I am missing something that I know I bought AND it is on my receipt. There is clearly a black hole between Publix and my apartment, and I'm sure the manager is starting to think I am running a Darwin Award-eligible scam in which I buy $150 worth of groceries and then scan them for $4 of beef.

The first week:

Where's the beef? (I had to...)
And I had even bought the Organic beef this time, because of this article, and I was so excited to try it!

Week Two:

The new concealer I was excited to try.

And this week:

Literally, apples and oranges. No joke. (It feels cliche to ssay since everyone says "That's like comparing apples to oranges!" which, DUH, are actually really similar...)
Stay tuned ;)

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Dingo said...

Could it be that they are sticking these item in a bag by itself? Sometimes they do that with meat and you might not see it. The concealer and fruit? Have no idea how that happens.