Saturday, April 11, 2009


As the school year winds down (or up, really-- EXAMS!) I have been reflecting on the major things that this year has brought. One of those things is, to me, a true sign of adulthood- getting my first pet. The one I'd be responsible for. Completely. Not just the pet that you PROMISE and SWEAR that you'll take care of EVERY! DAY! DUH! and then Mom ends up scooping the litterbox, cleaning the cage, and feeding crickets to the tree frog. (Thanks, Mom!) :)

So here is Latte, my first ever cat, my little scaredy cat, during her first week with me (yes, she has thankfully settled in):

Actually hiding in the litterbox! Hiding in poo = scared!!

Praying for invisibility in the bathtub- poor baby!

Filing herself away on the shelf- it actually took me a while to find her that morning!

Wedging herself behind the computer.

Oh, the memories... And just for a big dose of cuteness, here is a pic from the foster mom of when she was little/just rescued:

So cute it hurts. It truly does!

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Dingo said...

Awww! She's such a cutie!