Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Grave Discovery

During the BLIZZARD OF '09 OMG BUY SOME MILK AND BREAD!, I was looking around more than usual (the quiet! the beauty!) and I actually spied some gravestones sticking out of the woods near my apartment. Now, RightHand and I share a love of old graveyards (strange, it wasn't even on our profiles...!), so we went exploring a few weeks ago.

Now, I live on a road with "Jennings" in the name...and guess what we found! The grave of 'Ol Man Jennings (well, as we now call him...His real name is William, but his friends probably called him Bill). ANYWAY, the grave and others are in this random, chain-linked fenced-off area (aka: classy!) in the middle of suburbia. Tucked away, not noticeable. But what a beautiful find:

The grave of the man of the hour! Er, hours past...

A beautiful old tombstone

Another beautiful stone

A close-up of the awesome moss

A stone with polka dots

I'm planning to research the names that were still legible- I'll let ya know if anything interesting comes up.

R.I.P., everybody.

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Randy said...

I'm a graveyard junkie, too! One of these days, when you come to visit, I'll take you to my favorite. It's this really obscure place, hidden behind a bunch of high rises in downtown Westwood. You'd NEVER guess it was there. And I call it the Cemetery of Early & Tragic Demise, cuz it's got people like Natalie Wood, Marilyn Monroe and, if I recall correctly, BOTH young female stars from Poltergeist. (Insert Twilight Zone music here.)