Monday, April 27, 2009

Really Belated Caturday

This (belated) Caturday, I'm showcasing my new foster kitty, Cheeto! Isn't her name just adorable? Makes me hungry every time I call her... teehee.

She comes from a hoarding situation where the people had about 60 cats. She has an upper respiratory infection (and is thus under kitty quarantine!) and she is undernourished and scared. But we are making great strides! RightHand helped me clean her ears, trim her nails, AND give her a bath this weekend! We all came out minimally scarred.

If you're interested in her (and in Georgia!), please let me know. She is turning out to be such a sweet little girl with so much love to give!

This is about all I saw of her in the beginning! She was a bit timid and fell in love with the shower curtain!

There she is!

A nap with RightHand. (I guess she forgives him for the bath!)

Talking to the other kitties on the other side of the door.

And here's to more progress!

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